Google – Lock Box

July 14, 2014


Based on that insight, this idea was designed to help the CEOs and CMOs experience some key Google platforms for themselves. To start that Google journey, they received a large box. It felt like it contained something valuable, but it was locked with a padlock.

To unlock it, they needed the code. To get the code, they had to:

1. Use Google Search;
2. Click through a Google AdWords ad;
3. Watch a video on YouTube including Google case studies and;
4. Answer a survey about their marketing mix.


Once they unlocked the box, they were rewarded with a wireless headset and a letter inviting them to call their personal Google expert.


Once CEOs and CMOs had been on this journey, they had experienced for themselves how the Google platforms created immediate, measurable results. It meant they couldn’t ignore the power of Google any longer – and they responded in record numbers. Google saw a 30% opt in rate for email marketing while a 30% of receipts got in touch with their Google expert.